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Subject : Need help financial to get back to Jewish Community 
Pray For : Aliza daughter of Chana 
Prayer Type : Financial 
Comments : I have been living in Public Housing , due to disability and not being employed at this moment. If I was able to secure suitable employment on even a modest basis now, without disturbing the unfortunate medical benefits I must have to function on a everyday basis, I'd be glad to add it to my Gov't check, which is limited. I am not near where I can even buy much fresh produce, let alone kosher meat and other products. There is no supermarket withing walking distance. Biggest problem; No synagogue or Jewish community near me. My former residence, while assigned there, was in an orthodox Jewish community and I joined a Chabad. NE Lubavitcher Ctr. in Philadelphia, PA, as well as have a religious network and social network. Exiled in this subsidized but, separated by distance from the Jewish community, attending Shul on Shabbos and Yom Tov are very difficult to impossible now. I am trying to save money from my small income, pay my bills, buy food and still have some quality of life at all. It's not improving. I need to save money , find ways to make more money for savings and an emergency fund, and get some help from even the local politician; for religious reasons to help me place back into the Religious community , within walking distance. With out this , practice of my observance is awkward, difficult and very depressing.  
Post Date : 5/21/2014 12:19:00 AM 
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Susan Jackson
Support and prayers#1 posted 5/23/2014 9:16:00 AM
Dear Joyce, Isolation is one of the hardest things about disability, and I am praying that you can soon move near the community that you love and that loves you and where you will have support and sustenance. In the meantime may I suggest that you ask the people in your community to offer a Shabbat stay so that you can be in a home and not have to travel. Much strength!
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