Classes held each Thursday after Ma'Ariv
at The Shul.

Class 1
Redefining Regret
A new way to approach failure
Judaism demands that a Jew constantly continue to make progress in life-even when he falls and lies in hurt. How is that possible? Can a mere human always succeed and never fail? Learn an empowering new definition of "progress" and "growth."
Class 2
Constructive Criticism
Not all rebuke needs to sting
Sometimes, we need to speak up when people go wrong. How can we do so without inflaming tensions further? Moses's classic rebuke of the Jewish people inspires Judaism's guidelines for healthy criticism.
Class 3
No Pain, No Gain
Making sense of suffering
When he laughed at the Temple's destruction, Rabbi Akiva built an enduring response to tragedy that helps us heal the hurt in our own lives. Even if we believe everything will be OK, we must still face the painful present. This ancient tale shows how.
Class 4
The Twilight Zone
How to jump-start the afternoons of life
Like the zestful morning and the gentle night, our lives have their youthful beginnings and their tranquil retirements. How do we find the beauty in the afternoon of our days and lives, those middle times where we just want to give it all up?
Class 5
Something's Fishy
The animal kingdom's lessons in character development
Birds, beasts, and fish represent three dominant strains in the human personality. By examining these animals' lives, we gain insight into our own character and discover ways to become the balanced people we strive to be.
Class 6
Dancing with the Stars
The Jewish view of astrology, soothsaying, and omens
Abraham did it, Pharaoh did it, and millions around the world do it. What does Judaism say about telling your future through the stars and other methods? Is it silly or serious? And if we do indeed want to change our future, is there anything we can do?
Class 7
Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away
The perfect paradigm of heavenly blessing
The Talmud says that G‑d decides our income. So what's the point of working? Can we deny the hard toil, ingenuity, and pluck of those who succeed? This class examines the ultimate blessing-rain-to discover who exactly controls our fate in life.
Class 8
Judaism's Payment Plan
In search of our promised rewards
The Torah guarantees extraordinary benefits if we observe its commandments. But where do we see the long life, the prosperity, and the peace that it promises us? This class lays out the details of when, how, and where we will enjoy the fruits of our labor.
Class 9
How to Write Your Own Torah Scroll
The fascinating revival of Judaism's forgotten commandment
Commissioning a Torah scroll and donating it to the synagogue is the height of Jewish philanthropy. In this class, we discover that every Jew must do so. Why? What about the millions who don't? And how can we write our own scroll without breaking the bank?
Class 10
Sins Are Good
How to make the most of our mistakes
We all make mistakes. Some of us put it behind us and bounce back. Others somehow turn their mistakes into positive gains. What is their secret? To find out, this class looks at how Judaism sees sinning as the best decision we can make in life.
Class 11
Broken Promises
Kol Nidrei's message of hope
Of all things, the Yom Kippur prayers start with the cancellation of vows. Couldn't we choose something a little more inspiring? Discover the fascinating historical background to this ancient tradition-and the reason why Kol Nidrei is the perfect opening pitch.
Class 12
Conquering Everest
The three stages of spiritual mountain climbing
The greatest hurdle to growth is ourselves. After all, if we're only this smart and this strong, how can we dream of being something we're simply not? Who made up this myth that anything is possible? G‑d didand the story of the Sukkah reveals why.

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